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Dream 180 Vintage Jangle, Tuxedo White Pearl/Black

Part Number:DREAM 180_White_Pearl/Black


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Finally Here!!! Four Wire for Coil Tapping! So many of you have asked for our famous Critically Acclaimed Dream 180 pickups- Pearl White but with a GLOSS BLACK case to match the rest of your hardware- Well Here ya go! - Here's a pickup to die for. The Dream 90's were already one of our most popular pickups-So we buckled down and tried to craft a new pickup that could match the vintage tone and feel of the Dream 90 and add some of the sparkle and chime of our Retrotron Nashville, along with the fat warm bottom of our Alnico PAF pickups These are the brand new for 2007 Dream 180 series. These are classically gorgeous humbucking pickups made to combine the chime and jangle of vintage Filtertrons with the warmth and body of a great pair of vintage PAF's- To accommodate modern playing styles we wound 'em HOT- and vacuum impregnated them with enough wax to make a candle. The result? Dead quiet, yet loud and toneful! Polepieces are matched to the string spread- 2 1/8" at the bridge, 2" at the neck. They're fabulous sounding- Big and full with LOTS of Filtertron tone, but with a fatter, warmer and yet crunchier body. Thanks to the metal shell they are dead quiet , and the sense of string attack and dynamics is flat-out fabulous.

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Pickup Options
Kwikplug® Neck Position 7.8k - KPH37 [+$37.95]
Kwikplug® Bridge Position 9k - KPH38 [+$37.95]
Standard Solder Neck Position 7.8k - H37 [+$37.95]
Retail Price:$79.95

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